Playing Pinocchio! - Week Two

Playing Pinocchio! - Week Two... by Suzanne Kendall

Having established that puppets need to be treated with respect it was time to to show similar respect to a rather famous figurehead in the puppet world Ronnie Le Drew.

Ronnie came to the class this week to give a talk about his illustrious career as a puppeteer. He was in fact the man behind some very popular puppets that epitomised my childhood: Zippy in Rainbow, Sweep in The Sooty Show (see photo below) the list goes on...

As well as working with puppets on television, Ronnie has also worked in theatre (he began at The Little Angel Theatre itself) and films (including The Labyrinth and Muppets Treasure Island). Here's his Wikipedia page:

His career clearly demonstrates the importance puppets play across all media and how they can connect with a range of audiences too.

Suzie x

Ronnie Le Drew and Sweep!


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