The story of Voice of the Show

The story of Voice of the Show

The end of the start 

How did Voice of the Show begin? Well, let's go back to a cold December night in 2016....

Four friends are posing for a photo on a stage set. They are sitting on a chair that was found in a skip, in front of them is a hydraulic grave stone, all around are actors and crew relaxing and celebrating the end of a successful run of 18 shows. Their first production:  A Christmas Carol was by all standards a success - it sold over a thousand tickets, was staged in a theatre that had never seen a production of that scale before and received rave reviews. But amongst the noise and laughter of people drinking  and enjoying the party there was a moment, a pause. The four people in the chair looked at each other and time seemed to hold for a beat - nine months of hard work and stress seemed to crystallise in that single moment. One of them said: 'How did we just get away with that?'  laughter and the spell was broken - time returned. But that was the moment when it finally felt real that they had produced their first show.

The first show

So how did it begin? The starters....

Go back a little further - a curry house in Chesham, Bucks (the Rajasthan to be precise), January 2016. A raucous and disparate group of old friends and colleagues have met to reminisce about the 'good old days' when they worked together putting on pantos  at The Elgiva Theatre in Chesham. The gang of old lags and luvvies re lived the good craic and camaraderie, the back stage pranks and the shows you could really be proud of.
But amongst the popadoms and pilau rice there was a whiff of mischief and an undercurrent of an idea: 'If there is no pro, original theatre being produced locally then why don't we do something about it?'  The idea of forming a professional theatre company with the aim of putting on a high quality show at Christmas was drunkenly - but boldly- suggested. 

Where now? The pub!

The Jolly Sportsman pub, 15th March to be exact. The group has distilled down to four. It's David, Steve, Carole and Haydn against the world or Four Go Mad in Chesham! They had no plan, but that's not all as they also had no name, no script, no music, no venue, no costumes, no facilities, no cast, no money, no time and pretty much no idea (well in my case anyway) and David wasn't even going to be in the same country! How they went from that meeting in a noisy pub to 9 months later giving birth to a show with a fully professional cast (including a famous film and television actor), a superb bespoke stage set, completely re-rigged lights/sound and raked seating, professional crew, fully stocked cafe and a beautiful original script with music and choreography (not to mention costumes, programmes, roadside boards, box office etc) is a story worth telling (clue: a lot of lovely and very talented people helped) but that's for another blog - there's a lot of people to thank! 
They did at least have something though: A motto, two rules that were written in stone:

1. Remain friends whatever happens. 

2. Do not lose any money.

And so it began: Voice of the show. The name? Well we probably shouldn't reveal where it comes from, but suffice to say it's a joke and it made us laugh. A lot.


The Producers


  1. A facinating story, but how did you manage to get a Pro like Guy Siner to star in the show?

    1. Hi James thanks for your question. It's very easy....we just asked him! He lives locally and David and Steve had worked with him before on a film so we had a way in. We were able to offer a fee but of course it was nothing like he's used to so we were very lucky he said yes! Not only that but we've signed him up to do it all again this year as Geppetto in Pinocchio!


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